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High schoolers do internships at AMTC

On Monday September 7th five sophomores from Epullay School began a week of practical work at AMTC, with the Center’s researchers acting as tutors in scientific projects. This is an initiative of the aforementioned school, which has an internship program for its students. AMTC was asked to receive the current group so they can know the Center’s work first-hand and to have an idea of how we do research and development in science.

cristobal-stuardo-y-valentina-hannaDuring the week, the fields of work will be four: students Tomás Ernst and Javier Poblete will prepare a water desalination membrane, modified with copper, and will test its efficiency as a bactericide, being supervised by Dr. Andreina García. Ignacio Parada will be at the Robotics laboratory working with a NAO robot operation simulator, supervised by José Luis Yáñez, PhD student in Robotics and captain of the UChile Robotics team. Nicolás Ortiz will work at the ALGES laboratory experiencing the day-to-day duties of that research group, specially in the field of testing and validation of software for Geostatistics, with researcher Carlos González as his tutor. And Cristóbal Stuardo will spend his week at the hyperspectral images lab, getting to know the mineral imagery projects, under the tutelage of Masters student Valentina Hanna.

nicolas-ortiz“We´ve been interested in Engineering for a while and we hope to learn a lot about water desalination, which is something our country need right now”, tells Tomás Ernst. The students are generally excited about this week of work and hope to have good memories about it. “I think this is a unique experience that gives us a lot of tools that we couldn’t get otherwise”, says Nicolás Ortiz.

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