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Dr. Raúl Castro presenta MudFlow, resultado de proyecto de investigación Corfo

On December 11th principal researcher Raúl Castro, member of the research group on mining desing and planning, was in charge of presenting the results of the research project “Mud flow simulator for underground mining”.

Said project, led by Dr. Castro, started in 2012, was financed by Corfo and its main product is the MudFlow software, designed to manage risks in underground mining.

presentacion-mudflow-2Before the attendants, Dr. Castro presented the project’s background and described its development and progress history. Then, PhD student María Elena Valencia was in charge of communicating Mudflow’s features, details and specific workings.

MudFlow is a simulator that allows to deal with a common problem in underground mining, which is the sudden entry of mud in the production level’s galleries. Fine sediments and water create a mud that can suddenly enter the working areas and affect the workers’ safety and the extraction business itself. Such sudden mud flow has caused fatalities in some mines and has prevented mineral reserves from being extracted due to the danger it represents. The software acts as a complement to the mining operation and production plans, and its uselfulness lies in identifying potential mud explosion areas within the mine that can put the recovery of mineral reserves and the personnel safety in danger.

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