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For 4th year in a row, Nvidia acknowledges ALGES as “GPU Research Center”

Graphic processing cards manufacturer Nvidia, trough its high performance computing area, has again awarded the ALGES lab with the category of “GPU Research Center”. This is the 4th time they receive this recognition, valid until January 2017.

This entitlement implies that Nvidia highlights the work of ALGES in its supercomputing appliucations using GPU (graphic processing units), which have a higher processing power that conventional CPUs, and that recognizes them as a high-level research facility. In practical terms, this means that ALGES can access Nvidia’s work clusters and even receive donations from the company. In fact, the last time Nvidia gave hardware to ALGES under this definition, the donation represented between 8,000 and 10,000 dollars in technology.

To earn this recognition, ALGES has had to apply annually with work proposals and promises of using Nvidia technology, although the company also values the lab’s history, its vision and strategic value. Some of the activities ALGES commited to do are to generate publications, to complete and put to the community’s disposal a GPU-accelerated geostatistics library and to generate real-time visualization applications for big data, such as virtual reality software.

“Beyond our general vision, in which we’d like everything to go real fast in computing and mining, this acknowledgement has to do with our position of being an academic institution, and that goes along with the publicity of using these cards in the mining industry”, says Felipe Navarro, one of ALGES’ researchers.

Besides, ALGES will appear in the Nvidia’s “Project of the Week” program, so later this year the company intends to publish a technical report regarding mining and geostatistics, which will probably be published in their website.

It is also remarkable that ALGES was the first Chilean research group that receives this award.

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