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AMTC researcher will show work at the Minexcellence 2016 Seminar

Felipe Navarro, researcher at the ALGES laboratory of geostatistics and supercomputing, will show a project during the First International Seminar on Operational Excellence in Mining, Minexcellence 2016, that will be held on march 31st and April 1st at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Santiago, Chile.

The work is titled “U-Fo: An Innovative Successful Case of Geological Resource Assessment on Gold Deposits Under Complex Geometries” and it was made in collaboration with University of Chile’s researchers Mauricio Garrido, Carlos González, Daniel Baeza, Fabián Soto and Álvaro Egaña (director of ALGES). Other contributors were Dafne Herreros and Marcos Valencia, both from Yamana Gold, Chile.

Minexcellence 2016 will address topics related to strategic planning; geology-mine-plant integration; preocesses improvement and technologic innovation; lean processing; maintenance planning and reliability; information technologies and automatization systems; inventory optimization and supplies chain improvement, and knowledge management and quality management.

The seminar is organized by the University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI), the Lean Institute and Chilean company Gecamin. It will be chaired by Rodrigo Subiabre, Vice President of Copper Businesses Optimization at Anglo American and director of Collahuasi, while Johnj Shook, CEO of the Lean Institute, will be Honorary Chairman and Alice Clark, SMI’s director of production centres, will be Vice Chair.

More information at gecamin.com/minexcellence

Source: Gecamin Communications

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