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AMTC researchers at Minexcellence 2016

Researchers Raúl castro and Felipe Navarro lectured today at the 1st International Seminar on Operative Excellence in Mining Minexcellence 2016, held in Santiago.

minexcellence2016-2Felipe Navarro, researcher at the ALGES laboratory of geostatistics and supercomputing, presented the U-Fo software, developed by ALGES in a joint Project with Yamana Gold, which aims towards solving the problem of correctly assess mineral reserves in deposits affected by faults, folds and other geological accidents. The program has an algorithm that “flattens” or “unfolds” the irregular geography in order to make more accurate estimations of available mineral resources.

Afterwards, Dr. Raúl Castro, main researcher of the AMTC research group on mine planning and design, lectured about risk assessment of mine production plans through logistic regression. In his exposition, Dr. Castro explained how to use this methodology to esteem the potential happening of events like mud flows into underground galleries.

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