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Professors Edgardo Santibáñez and Andrés Weintraub to the Basal Projects Follow-up Extended Committee

On March 23th, the first meeting of the AMTC’s Basal Projects Follow-up Extended Committee was held, in which professors Edgardo Santibáñez, Director of Innovation of the University of Chile and member of the AMTC’s board of directors, and Andrés Weintraub, from the FCFM’s Department of Electrical Engineering and National Sciences Prize, were included.

The incorporation of these scholars seeks to make good use of their knowledge and experience in the management of the AMTC’s basal projects.

After the first work meeting, professor Santibáñez said: “It was all very positive, specially thinking about improving the management and organization strategies in order to achieve in a more efficient and effective way the results to which project commit, besides those to funding agencies and companies”.

“I hope to contribute with an external view, a little bit from experience, a little bit more from management knowledge. In the end, it’s an iterative process in which one can also learn and receive things”. He added.

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