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Collaborative Work With Trinity College Begins

On April 29th a collaboration between the University of Chile’s FCFM and the Trinity College of Dublin began, specifically with the NEAT Materials program on research on raw materials, in order to also cooperate with the European Union’s EIT Raw Materials program.

The agreement will shortly be concreted in an understanding memorandum that will aim to create a platform from which to find arrangements useful to both organizations and that allow to find technologic solutions based on scientific knowledge form an educational, innovative and business point of view. AMTC will be the executive organization in this agreement.

Dámaris Fernández, PhD in Experimental Physics and representative of Trinity College and NEAT Materials, explained why they chose the AMTC for this alliance: “We consider some strategic partners, in a global level, have some historic leadership, as a country, in raw materials or mining, but besides it’s important to us their connection to the industry. The conceptual base of the NEAT program is to solve industry problems with scientific knowledge, so it’s important to us to take science, which has a very good level at Trinity College, and to put it at disposal of the technologic challenges of the mining industry; that’s why the AMTC, a Latin American and global leader, is a natural partner”.

After a brief encounter between Dr. Fernández and Dr. Javier Ruiz del Solar, Executive Director of the AMTC, a small meeting was held between Dr. Fernández and researchers of our Water and Environmental Sustainability research group, in which each party put the other up to speed regarding their current work and projects.

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