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UBC Students Visit The AMTC

On Tuesday, May 3rd we received nearly 30 graduate students from the University of British Columbia [1] (UBC), who gained insight about the day-to-day of our Center.

The students come from the UBC’s Institute of Mining Engineering [2], and toured the AMTC’s facilities as part of a visit to several Chilean mining operations and universities that have Mining Engineering as part of their studies plan.

visita-ubc-2 [3]Leaded by Professor Marcello Veiga, the students gathered in the Department of Geology’s Humberto Fuenzalida auditorium to attend several presentations about the AMTC and its projects, hosted by researchers Xavier Emery, Tomás Vargas, Javier Vallejos, Nelson Morales and James McPhee. The Canadian visitors in turn lectured about the opportunities for students at the UBC and the work experiences they have access to during their career development.

After the presentations, the students visited the block caving and field robotics labs, where they knew first-hand some of the projects the AMTC works on.