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CONICYT Approves AMTC’s Management of Year Six

After months of review and study the National Commission of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT), whose Basal Funding Program for Scientific and Technological Centers of Excellence gave birth to the AMTC, gave its complete approval to the report issued by the Center regarding the management of its sixth year (from November 2014 to October 2015).

The report gave precise details of the AMTC’s in-development and completed research projects in the period, budget management, projects created in partnership with public and private mining companies, public outreach activities and cooperation bonds forged with national and international organizations.

The evaluator praised AMTC’s management in its sixth year, qualifying it as among the best center of excellence, especially regarding its contributions to the competitiveness of Chilean economy.

“We are enormously proud of our report’s approval, because it’s a confirmation of the excellent work the AMTC is doing. The comments from CONICYT and the evaluators about the quality, relevance and scope of our research projects and about the impact we are causing upon the mining industry, reassure us that we are in the right path and that we’ll succeed in put Chile as a reference in world-class mining technology”, said Dr. Javier Ruiz del Solar, Executive Director of the AMTC.

Such approval means not only a valuable support to consolidate the AMTC’s work, but a powerful incentive to continue promoting multidisciplinary research and innovative developments.

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