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AMTC Researcher Gets Her Ph.D

Today researcher Claudia Pavez Orrego approved her grad exam leading to her PhD in Sciences, majoring in Geology. The new doctor is part of the research group on exploration and ore deposits modeling and she previously obtained her BD in Physics at the University of Chile.

The public examination was held this morning at the Ignacio Domeyko hall at the FCFM Department of Geology. The thesis to be defended was titled: “Conceptual And Numeric-Thermal Modeling Of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems Based On Seismic Tomography In The Tacora And Tinguiririca Volcanoes, Chile”.

The guiding teacher of this thesis was Dr. Diana Comte, AMTC’s Research and Development Director, with Dr. Francisco Gutiérrez acting as co-guiding teacher. The examining commission was also joined by Dr. Angelo Castruccio as member professor and Dr. Roger Bustamante as guest professor.

El Dr. Angelo Castruccio, la Dra. Diana Comte, el Dr. Roger Bustamante, la nueva Dra. Claudia Pavez y el Dr. Francisco Gutiérrez tras la defensa de tesis realizada hoy.

Dr. Angelo Castruccio, Dr. Diana Comte, Dr. Roger Bustamante, new Dr. Claudia Pavez and Dr. Francisco Gutiérrez after the thesis defense held today.

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