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Representatives from CEDENNA meet with the AMTC

On Thursday June 16th we received a delegation from the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CEDENNA), University of Santiago (USACH), to hold several work meetings. The goal of this activity was to start a cooperation work between both centers.

This was AMTC and CEDENNAs’ second meeting of its type. Two weeks earlier representatives from the AMTC went to the USACH’s research center facilities to initiate the talks towards a future collaboration.

The meeting at the AMTC began with presentations of both centers. Later the attendants separated in two groups to hold parallel meetings about subjects of specific interest: magnetic separation of chalcopyrite and in situ mining, and soil and water remediation.

After those specific work meetings, the CEDENNA representatives visited the samples preparation lab, part of the FCFM’s Department of Geology, where they were received by academic associate researcher Dr. Katja Deckart.


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