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Team UChile At Stgo. Makerspace

The robotic football team UChile was one of the guests to Stgo. Makerspace’s “open Tuesday”, held on August 2nd.

At the monthly event, student Constanza Villegas, member of UChile, described, before an audience of nearly 100 people, how the team codes the software that the NAO robots use to play football, manage game tactics and work collaboratively. More important, she told how the level and nature of the work made by pre-grad and grad students are, in order to reach for three years in a row the semifinals of the RoboCup, the international tournament of robotic football.

Stgo. Makerspace is a collaborative workspace, workshop and start-up foster, where, for a fee, its members can build prototypes of original ideas and/or find help to turn them into business. Every first Tuesday Stgo. Makerspace opens its doors to the community in order to present success cases, the projects that are being built under its roof and guests from different institutions, who lecture about their creative and inventive processes.

Constanza Villegas exponiendo sobre el trabajo del equipo UChile en el Stgo. Makerspace.

Constanza Villegas lecturing about the work of Team UChile at Stgo. Makerspace.

Bran, uno de los NAO futbolistas de UChile, poniendo mucha atención a la presentación en el Stgo. Makerspace.

Bran, one of the NAO football players, listening very carefully to the lecture at Stgo. Makerspace.

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