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AMTC researcher lectures “Introduction to Mining” at U. of Chile’s Summer School

From January 9th to 27th the University of Chile’s Summer School [1] is being held. This academic program, for the last 26 years, offers specific courses to high school students who seek a first approach to the university life. Dr. Leandro Voisin [2], academic associate researcher of the AMTC, member of the research group on minerals processing and extractive metallurgy, is one of the program’s teachers with the course “Introduction to Mining”. In the next two weeks, his pupils must understand the mining business, with focus on the production of metallic copper from the minerals that contain it. The goal of the course is to know the different aspects of mining as an economic activity (extraction, exploitation and processing) and to understand the development of an engineering mining project, its operations and processes, and its impact on society. The class is formed by 23 students from several cities of Chile.