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Seminar on space technology for mining

On Friday, January 6th, the seminar “Space technology, applications on mining”, held at the AMTC, several initiatives and technologies that can help mining using space technology (especially satellites) were shown.

Francisco Anguita, from the AMTC’s Technology Transfer Office, made a presentation about his recent trip to Israel, the role technologic universities (such as the Weizmann Institute and Technion Technologies) play in the local development of space technology and the way those institutions transfer them.

The AMTC researcher Carlos González presented the University of Chile’s space program and the work of the SPEL laboratory. His lecture focused in the Suchai nanosatellite project, onwards since 2009, and he informed about the upcoming projects to develop Suchai 2 and 3.

Next, Dr. Theodoros Nakos from Crux Technologies spoke about satellital monitoring of areas and surfaces of mining interest using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and SAR interferometry techniques. These technologies can be used, for example, to make topographic estimations and descriptions of the zones explored by the satellite.

Finally, the Aurora Space company made a brief presentation on remote detection through satellites. It consists of a combination of ground-based sensors that gather information and satellites that receive the data (in case of unavailability of other means of communications, such as a cell phone network), in order to have information on real time of the surveilled area.

Francisco Anguita, de la OTT del AMTC.

Francisco Anguita, AMTC’s OTT.

El investigador Carlos González.

Researcher Carlos González.

Theodoros Nakos, de Crux Technologies.

Theodoros Nakos, Crux Technologies.

Alex Becerra, Aurora Space.

Alex Becerra, Aurora Space.

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