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Researcher Santiago Montserrat lectures in Civil Engineering Dept. seminars cycle

On Thursday, April 6th, the seminar “Role of the bank’s rugosity and environmental fluid in granular fluids’ reach” was held, hosted by AMTC researcher Santiago Montserrat, member of the research group on water and environmental sustainability.

The event was the third on a series of seminars organized by the Hydric Resources and Environment Division of the FCFM’s Department of Civil Engineering. Before 15 attendants, Dr. Montserrat talked about granular fluids (related to tailings floods after a dam breaking and pyroplastic fluids), more specifically about the relation between the flux’s particles and the rugosity of the bank or surface upon they move.

After detailing experiments about dam breaking, Dr. Montserrat concluded that it has been demonstrated that there are mechanisms of friction reduction in the void between the fluid’s particles and the bank, and that this phenomenon occurs with big particles.

Researcher Santiago Montserrat.

Researcher Santiago Montserrat.

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