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AMTC and FCFM research centers meet mining suppliers at MIT REAP event

MINNOVEX, the association of suppliers for the mining sector, and Engineering 2030’s MIT REAP Program at FCFM invited both researchers at the Faculty and mining suppliers to an event, held on Thursday May the 4th, whose aim was to bring them closer together in order to face the challenges in the area.

MINNOVEX’s president, Juan Cariamo, and Willy Kracht, MIT REAP head scholar and Vice-Director of the AMTC, were the hosts. Tecnoexplora’s Jaime Salvo, Edgardo Marinkovic from Arcadis Chile, Aldo Labra from Innovaxxion and Dassault System’s Diego de la Barra also attended, among other suppliers.

Susan Lasecki-Coiro, Cluster Manager at BHP Billiton, opened the event with a presentation on the importance of boosting collaborative innovation in mining. She also highlighted the MIT REAP Program initiative, which seeks to improve technological entrepreneurship driven by mining.

Foto 2“I was really pleased to hear the REAP Program was being implemented in Chile. Everyone here’s necessary to help the industry grow. It’s very important for university researchers to get together with entrepreneurs or suppliers. Today’s meeting aims at facilitating this dialogue”, said BHP Billiton’s representative.

On the part of FCFM, the heads or representatives of the Advanced Mining Technology Research Center (AMTC, represented by Executive Director Javier Ruiz del Solar), the Mathematical Modelling Center (CMM), the Energy Center (CE) and the Institute for Complex Engineering Systems (ISCI) were invited so they could talk about their different projects and research initiatives related to the mining area and set future collaboration with suppliers.

“We’ve carried out over 50 projects with supplying companies. The university-company relationship isn’t new, but it needs to be continuously strengthened”, said Javier Ruiz del Solar. This center, which counts on 75 researchers, 40 PhD candidates and 56 MA students, has projects connected with smart mining, mining vehicle automation, LHD equipment automation and 3D tunnel mapping.

Foto 4Alejandro Jofré, head of CMM, spoke about Big Data applications in underground mining: “If one were to add the information generated, we’d be talking terabytes per minute. We’re promoting real-time monitoring and decision-making”.

Regarding energy management, Guillermo Jiménez, head of CE, highlighted the fact that the center’s vision falls into a context of low-carbon energetic development. Thus, projects such as VESUSCON at Collahuasi, in the area of mining transport, and Optimal Packaging of Lithium Batteries, better known as EOBLI, were presented. As for thermal uses, the center is currently working on the GABY Project with Codelco.

ISCI presented on MUCH, cutting edge software that is a long-term mining operation optimization system. “The program takes the mining resource, selects when each bench comes out, its grade and its routing in a previously configured plant”, said researcher Fernando Cavieres.

The event finished with a workshop in which attendees were divided into groups to answer questions related to boosting collaborative mining industry involving all stakeholders.

Text and photos: Engineering 2030 Communications


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