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Researchers present advances in mining at Institut Français

The latest breakthroughs in mining technology, with special focus on new mathematical models for mine planning, were presented on July 5th by AMTC researchers at Santiago’s Institut Français.

Nelson Morales, director of the Delphos mine planning laboratory, and Pierre Nancel-Penard presented the talk “Vers une nouvelle ingénierie pour l’exploitation des mines” (“Towards a new engineering for mine exploitation”) before a general audience. The session began with a general overview of the challenges the mining industry currently faces (such as increasing exploration and exploitation costs, lower mineral laws) and then detailed the new mathematical models created in the areas of mine design, planning and management.

The presentation, a little less than an hour long, was followed with interest by the attendees, who extended the event with an enthusiastic set of questions.

Nelson Morales

Pierre Nancel-Penard

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