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Students of the Lorenzo Sazié school learned why there is copper in Chile

This morning we receive the visit of the junior and senior science students of the Lorenzo Sazié school of Santiago, who accepted an invitation from out center made to the schools located near the Beauchef Campus of the University of Chile.

The 33 pupils began their activities at the AMTC attending the lecture “Why is there copper in Chile?”, hosted by researcher Dr. Marcelo García, in which they learned some basic concepts of geology and metalogenesis.

Later they visited our field robotics lab, where the saw our autonomous car, autonomous LHD vehicle and the undergrounf galleries mapper Husky A200. Then they saw our new 8,000 kilonewton press at the rock mechanics lab, where technician David Veloz talked about its workings and explained the projects and studies it is used for.

Finally, the saw our replica of the Foucault pendulum, located at the campus’ main library. The students were surprised by our projects in automation and followed with interest Dr. García’s lecture.

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