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AMTC at mining innovation fair in Rancagua

Representatives of the AMTC’s Technology Transfer Office were participants in an event regarding technological entrepreneurships in the mining sector, held today in the city of Rancagua.

The meeting, organized by OHCowork and Corporación Pro O’Higgins, had the El Teniente division of Codelco, the Ingeniería 2030 initiative and the Open Beauchef initiative also among the participants.

It was because of the presence of Open Beauchef that entrepreneur Javier Pérez, from Beauchef Acelera (the branch of Open Beauchef in charge of supporting entrepreneurships based on high-impact scientific and technological innovation and to transfer those products to society) was there with the software DSim, material conveyor systems simulation for underground and open-pit mining. The application was developed by the DELPHOS mine planning laboratory, and it is through Open Beauchef that a spin-off company is being set up in order to commercialize licenses.

Javier Pérez showing the DSim software (photo: Ingeniería 2030 U. de Chile)

Javier Pérez can be reached at jperez@delphoslab.cl.

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