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Successful Tailings 2018 seminar

About 300 people attended the Tailings 2018 seminar, fifth edition of the international event on tailings management, held in Santiago from July 11 to 13.The seminar, that had the Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC) among its organizers, offered more than 50 lectures by authors from 14 countries, like Germany, Australia, Brazil, Chile, United States and South Africa.

AMTC researcher César Pastén was the center’s representative in the organizing committee, joined also by Gecamin, the University of British Columbia and Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, while researchers Diana Comte and Christian Ihle were part of the technical committee.

El investigador del AMTC César Pastén.

El investigador del AMTC César Pastén.


Themes addressed in the seminar spanned satellite technology, dam safety, leaking control, geotechnology, hydraulics aand transportation. Tha AMTC also presented two lectures: one regarding an phisical stability index as a preventive tool (lectures by César Pastén, upon a work done with, among others, AMTC researchers Christian Ihle, Diana Comte, Ignacio Cartes, Felipe Campos and Meili Carvajal) and the one regarding the effect of sea water in the dynamics of flocculation in copper sulphur tailings, presented by Christian Ihle upon his work with CSIRO researcher Claudia Castillo.

Tailings stability and technological advances regarding its correct monitoring and control were precisely relevant subjects of Tailings 2018, given Chile’s seismic nature. After episodes like the collapse of a dam in Pencahue, caused by the earthquake of 2010, the efforts of the mining industry have focused in preventing events like that to happen again.


Photos: courtesy of Gecamin

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