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The Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC) was created in March 2009, after being selected by the Partnership Research Program of CONICYT under the Baseline Funding Program for Scientific and Technological Centers of Excellence.

The AMTC has managed to consolidate and integrate the activities of five research teams with extensive experience in the training of researchers and top professionals as well as in the development of scientific excellence. Its 173 scientists are integrated within the five research groups: Exploration and Deposit Modeling; Mining Design and Planning; Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy; Mining Automation; Water and Environmental Sustainability. In addition, AMTC has established important cooperations, and joint research initiatives with world class science organizations and technology centers.

Among the AMTC partners are CODELCO and BHP Billiton Base Metals, whose representatives are also members of the AMTC Board.

Currently, the Center has a four-story institutional building (1,232 square meters), which houses the headquarters, 10 research laboratories and collaborative workspaces.