Tecnologías de membranas

Valorizando recursos de forma sostenible


- Dr. Humberto Estay, AMTC. Membrane processes for improving productivity in different mining issues.

-Dr(c) Simón Díaz, AMTC. Recovering valuable compounds in brine solutions via membrane crystallization: A phenomenological and scaling-up approach.

- Dr. René Ruby, UTEM. Recovery of valuable compounds from agroindustrial wastes by membrane processes.

- Dra. Andreina García, AMTC/DIMIN. Technological solutions based on Advanced Materials to supply water to the mining industry.

- Dr. Rodrigo Araya, UTEM. A conductive thin film polymer composite enhanced the thermomechanical properties of nanocellulose membranes.

- Dr. Hugo Giraldo, AMTC. Enhancing membrane performance in distillation and crystallization through physicochemical modifications: Towards Superhydrophobicity.

- Dr. Sergio Santoro, UNICAL. Rethinking the desalination process: the advent of photothermal Membrane Distillation for brine valorization.


Dr. Humberto Estay

AMTC. Universidad de Chile. Chile

Simón diaz

Dr (c). Simón Díaz 

AMTC. Universidad de Chile. Chile

Todos los derechos reservados.

Dr. René Ruby

PIDi. Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (UTEM). Chile

Dra. Andreina García

AMTC/DIMIN. Universidad de Chile. Chile. Chile

Dr. Rodrigo Araya

PIDi. Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (UTEM). Chile

Hugo Giraldo

Dr. Hugo Giraldo

AMTC. Universidad de Chile. Chile


Dr. Sergio Santoro

DIAm. Universidad de Calabria (UNICAL). Italia

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Proyecto REDES 190014 «Developments of Membrane Separation Technologies for Current and Future Challenges in Mining Industry»